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Mrs. D returning in Naxos
-a week after the first day-

It’s been a week already. Time flies when you are having a good time and good is an understatement when vacationing in Naxos… I feel like I am a part of the island now. Day by day, Greek words seem softer and more clear in my head, and I really look forward for my everyday small dialogues at the market and the shops. People here talk with the hands, the whole body helps explain a yes, a no, a kalimera. I love it! I try to copy the gestures, I smile, wave my hands, it’s funny… I feel completely new in my body now, reborn, a week of swimming has done miracles for my waist. Oh, Alex won’t recognize me! Tanned, relaxed and glowing from the fresh air and the pure food; my black dress never looked so good on me… I told Alex we will go out when she comes, I enjoyed so much the solitude and the quietness of the villa this week, I red, I swam, I walked, I meditated, I slept like a baby, which is a miracle by itself! Don’t get me wrong, it was fantastic- but now, it’s time to go out and see the island and feel the joy and its outgoing side which never stops; there is always something to see, something to do, someone to meet, I look forward to seize every single day and make the most of my time here.

I am really excited about the surprise I prepare for the kids when they arrive: after a few cooking lessons at the villa, with this really kind local cook, I will be able to prepare a welcoming Greek dinner by myself for the whole family! I know Ann will be crazy about the tzatziki and the fried aubergines and I hope the kids will love the stuffed tomatoes and the cheese pie. OMG, the food here is absolutely divine! If it wasn’t for the swimming and the walking I would gain weight, that’s for sure… Maybe I should ask Alex if she cares for a yoga session during her stay? Oh, it doesn’t matter! When the kids come they will want to spend all their mornings at the beach, they won’t settle until they try all those new watersports I can’t even pronounce; they will want me with them, I don’t see them enough in NY and we had so much fun last year with our snorkeling excursion!

Oh, dear, look at the time! I have to get dressed or I’ll be late for dinner at Maria’s and Gianni’s place. I hope she’ll like the necklace I bought her from that charming antique shop at the Castle. It is so elegant and refined, I almost keep it for myself! I need to go back to the shop and search for new treasures tomorrow. The Old Town is full of hidden gems, who knows what will be my next discovery?