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Mrs. D returning in Naxos

-first thoughts of the first day-

I cannot believe I am finally here! After all those hours of flying, my god, my skin is so dry  and my headache is getting stronger by the minute;  first class isn’t nearly what it used to be… I remember when I was a young girl that flying took ages, but people put on in their best mood and outfits when on board; traveling was more of an event, not like now that people travel wearing yoga pants for crying out loud! Oh, well, enough with the reverie, thank god I’m here again! This island just feels my heart with joy, it’s such a bliss, the sun, the wine, the culture… everyone here is so unpretentious and authentic; that’s what I was telling Alex the other day: darling, you have to take a break from NY and come to my island to meet some really nice people; we will swim, eat grilled fish and we will glow like Greek goddesses… I have to call her tomorrow to see when she is coming…


For now, the only thing I need, is to lie in those inviting, soft, fluffy white sheets that smell heavenly and sleep. I ‘ll ask help for the unpacking later. No hurry. No alarm clock. No car noises. No obligations. Only quietness and a soft breeze of clean air. And this light; Oh, how I love this light! I think I feel better already… I ‘ll just sleep and wake up when I wake up. Then, I will take my first swim in the pool… Swimming always helps with my jetlag, I shall spend the whole day by the pool, looking at the sea, sipping wine, letting go. I ‘ll ask the Chef to prepare something light for dinner; with the delicious organic vegetables and the cheese  I cannot forget in the winter! Dinner in front of the big blue, how nice to be in the heart of the Cyclades once again… The view is glorious from the veranda, I must take some pictures to send the kids later.